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Products Overview

Western Marketing, Inc., markets, sells and distributes premium petroleum products engineered and manufactured by industry leaders Chevron, Shell, CITGO, Phillips 66, Pennzoil, Castrol and Old World Industries. WMI provides daily solutions to answer the needs of specific lubricant problems with an uninterrupted supply of bulk and packaged products. WMI pledges to help supply its customers with the right products that will increase productivity, reduce down time, and maximize the lives of engines and equipment.

Chevron – a premium brand recognized around the world for quality, performance and innovation in lubricant engineering and manufacturing – selected Western Marketing for its Gold Eagle Award in 2012 as the top distributor of Chevron lubricant products in the U.S.

The primary products WMI  provides include heavy duty engine oil, passenger car motor oil, natural gas engine oil, antifreeze and coolants, diesel exhaust fluid, industrial lubricants and greases, bulk storage and dispensing equipment, and a variety of automotive chemicals- and engine-related accessories such as filters and wiper blades.

Heavy-duty engine oil

Western Marketing provides customers in multiple industries with a full range of oils and other products to keep heavy-duty diesel engines operating at peak performance. WMI offers bulk and packaged lubricants for a variety of applications with an uninterrupted supply of premium brands and the best customer service in the industry.  Inventory includes synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral-based engine oils that will meet the demands of all heavy-duty diesel engines in the industry.  WMI provides solutions for operators of heavy-duty engines in commercial trucking, construction, manufacturing, agriculture, aggregate, government and food processing plants.


WMI markets and distributes many of the premium brands of engine oils and other lubricants that are household names in the passenger car industry. The uninterrupted supply of high-quality bulk and packaged products and Western Marketing’s superior customer service comprise a successful combination for customers who seek protection and efficiency for passenger car engines. WMI can provide a full range of services and solutions for operators of automobile dealerships, quick lubes, tire stores, transmission shops, auto parts stores and auto repair shops.


Western Marketing provides a variety of lubricants and oils manufactured especially for natural gas-powered engines.  Inventory includes a wide product offering from ashless to medium- and low-ash products that will meet and/or exceed the OEM requirements of today’s natural gas engines.  WMI’s natural gas engine oil offering also includes a variety of compressor oils.


Extreme weather creates challenging operating conditions for engines in many industries. WMI offers a variety of antifreeze, coolants and heat-transfer products designed to improve protection and performance of engines in these conditions. From basic products to complex, WMI provides coolant solutions for passenger cars, commercial vehicles, heavy-duty transport vehicles and industrial equipment. The inventory that WMI markets and distributes includes 50/50 coolant products, concentrate with supplemental additives, and extended-life antifreeze.


To help meet today’s stringent emissions requirements enacted by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, these products will benefit the environment while improving fuel efficiency.  Diesel exhaust fluid is a nontoxic, colorless liquid that acts as a reducing agent in the Selective Catalytic Reduction technology used by today’s manufacturers of diesel engines. SCR technology relies on DEF to break down exhaust and reduce harmful emissions – and improve the bottom line by enhancing performance of diesel engines.


Western Marketing is in its seventh decade of meeting the needs of customers by marketing and distributing premium oils and lubricants for many industrial needs. WMI offers bulk and packaged products formulated to meet the most demanding requirements in manufacturing, oil and gas, agriculture, commercial trucking and other industrial applications.  Inventory includes hydraulic oils, high-performance gear oils, air-line oils, dielectric oils, rust and oxidation oils, compressor fluids, vacuum pump lubricants, and USDA food-grade oils.


WInd Power Generation

Whether your equipment is in warranty and needing OEM approved fluids, or your gear is now out of warranty and you are looking for uptime and asset longevity, Western Marketing has the fluids for your wind generation equipment. Wind turbine reliability is a critical component of a total fluids management program. Speak with our technically trained sales team to customize a wind lubricants program for you.



Metalworking fluids

Western Marketing maintains stock in a variety of metalworking fluids. From straight oils to full synthetics, we are focused on meeting your specific needs. We also support fluid testing, analysis, and reporting on fluid condition. Our team is focused on helping you define, obtain, and implement the right fluids for forming, cutting, grinding, rust prevention, and heat transfer. Contact our sales team today to get started.



Consolidate and simplify your list of suppliers to only one: Western Marketing. In addition to providing a variety of premium oils and lubricants for engines in a variety of industries, WMI offers a complete inventory of accessories for a variety of engines and industrial equipment, including filters, wiper blades and automotive car care chemicals.