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Equipment Overview

Western Marketing, Inc., is a dependable partner and full-source supplier in the petroleum industry –supplying high-quality lubrication and chemical products to customers in a seven-state region since the 1950s.  The WMI inventory of premium products also includes equipment that customers rely on daily for the efficient, safe operation of their businesses.

Through sales, loan and rental, WMI provides quality equipment and products to meet customer specific needs. WMI also serves as a warranty service center for products and equipment it markets and distributes. Services include repair, replacement, delivery and relocation.

WMI offers storage tanks, dispensing equipment, pumps, hoses, meters, gauges, containment units and related accessories – all with superior design and robust construction that will exceed expectations. WMI equipment offerings help maximize floor space in operators’ facilities, meet stringent site requirements in field applications, keep work areas clean, and ensure that lubricants and other fluids are stored in a safe and clean environment.